Hashtags play an important role in your Instagram feed. They can help you find other like minded people, help you be found and add to the caption of your images by giving it some context. As mentioned in 7 Tips For Upping Your Instagram Game, hashtags can also play a part in getting featured by so called "hubs." keeping track of hundreds of potential hashtags you use over time can be daunting. I've tried various apps for managing hashtags but came away not really liking any of them.

Screen capture of Evernote for Mac OS X
Screen capture of Evernote for Mac OS X

I realized that I already had Evernote on my phone and computer which turned out to be ideal for my Instagram hashtags workflow. If you are not familiar with Evernote, it's an app for making notes and lists that syncs seamlessly between all your devices and computers. For my Evernote Instagram workflow, I create new hashtag lists on my computer, sort within each list and then it will automatically sync to my phone. I tend to make specialized lists geared toward the types of images I post on Instagram.

Here's an example of the some the image hashtag lists I have in Evernote:

  • Color
  • Black & White
  • Minimal
  • Architecture

Once I am ready to post to Instagram, all I need to do is to pull up my preset list in Evernote on my phone and then copy and paste right into my Instagram post. I fine tune these lists over time and if I find a new tag I like, I can simply add it in in the phone app and it will sync back and update to my desktop app or vice versa.

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